Personal Shopper London

With the support and inspiration of a personal stylist, your shopping experience will be focused and enjoyable.

When we think of a personal stylist, thoughts of celebrities with limitless budgets probably spring to mind. For me, it’s time this dated concept is given a shake-up. Hiring your own personal stylist should be the norm. Accessible and open to all, regardless of body shape, phase of life or budget.

How it works

After our initial consultation and body analysis, we’ll be ready for our shop – At an agreed and convenient location (typically in and around central London, but can be changed to suit your requirements).

I’ll be showing you how to make the right clothing choices based on your body shape, lifestyle, and budget. And of course, sharing all my style tips and hacks along the way for you to use and then carry forward on your own future shopping trips in personal styling sessions in London.

I offer either a half day (3hrs) or full day service (5hrs). A half day is ideal for those with less time available – you may be looking to update key pieces in your wardrobe. A full day is perfect if you’re looking for a real wardrobe shake-up or if you are someone who prefers a more leisurely-paced shop.

Online service: Are you outside of London? Time restricted? Or simply prefer shopping the virtual way. I also offer an On-Line Personal Shopping service. Please get in touch for more details about our personal styling sessions in London.

What to expect

Initial phone consultation to discuss your requirements

Client Profile Form/Body Analysis

1 hour’s pre-shop research at the agreed location

3 or 5 hours shopping together

Overview of the day

Service Costs

£365 / £575

half day / full day

* The fees for the pre-shop are included in all Personal Shopping services. There is no obligation to buy anything. The fees purely relate to my time and I do not receive any commission from the purchases you make. A half-day is 3 hours and a full-day is 5 hours. Any additional hours will be charged at an hourly rate to be agreed in advance.

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