As a woman and mummy, comfortably in my 30s (and racing towards my 40s), I’ve spent a lot of time grappling with my own style and body shape as a personal stylist and body shape consultation specialist.

This has most definitely ‘evolved’ over the years. Accepting my body, and knowing how best to dress, has been a long and colorful journey. And yes – there have been many styles crashes along the way! But I think that’s all part of it, discovering what suits us, understanding what works within the context of our own lifestyles… and ultimately making us feel happy with the person we see in the mirror.

My path into fashion began at age 3 when I was bundled along to work with my mum. She assisted at a quirky boutique hidden in the bustle of Carnaby Street in the early 80s’ (this probably explains my inherent pull towards color, and being totally unphased by neon should the fashion call arise!)

Skip forward to 2004, and while completing my Postgraduate studies in Fashion & Marketing at UAL I found myself lucky enough to gain experience as a personal stylist and body consultation specialist at one of Saville Row’s brightest Fashion Houses – Ozwald Boateng.

And then, life happened…

…including a move to Derbyshire to undertake a 65-bedroom Hotel renovation project (Imagine Faulty Towers with masses of terracotta thrown in for good measure!) It needed a great deal of work, and I got stuck in! Looking back, this project taught me so many essential skills and provided some tough lessons…preparing me for the journey ahead.

Now returning to London (the place I call home) with my family, It was the perfect time to find my fashion-feet again. So, I enrolled at The London College of Fashion to study Personal Styling with renowned fashion stylist Polly Holman, giving me the tools to make real steps forward in my commitment to women and how they feel every day.

And after much deliberating and of course many name changes…

Style By Manisha was launched…

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