Fashion Terminology coming your way: ‘The French tuck’

Despite what it sounds like this is not something a Parisian drag-queen does before getting ready to perform. It is, in fact, a particular way to style your top, shirt or jumper. Made popular by trusted French fashion designers (hence the ‘French.’) You may also have caught, stylist Tan France’s stance on the whole thing, on the cult Netflix show ‘Queer eye’ – hugely popularising him as a stylist and the technique.

The look achieved is polished yet effortless – the Holy grail of style perhaps?

Ok so let’s get to the point – How do you do a French tuck? The French tuck is simply the art of tucking anything from, a t-shirt, shirt, or jumper into your trousers, Jeans or Skirt, at the very front while leaving the back loose – without tucking in the sides, this is all about an artful front drape.

The technique (once mastered- I’ve spent more time on my French-tuck than my make-up at times!) adds an instant effortless chic to any look and can help elongate the body too (a department I definitely need help in!) It can help to slim or add balance to your silhouette.

You can play with your tuck depending on the weight and thickness of your top. I’m privy to a cheeky side-tuck, with weightier tops, it helps to avoid that excess material bulking around the tummy area – and nobody needs that.

I am totally on the French tuck bandwagon – tucking-in at any given opportunity (No pun intended!) Give it a go and get in touch if I can assist with anything.

Manisha xx