We’ve all heard and been shocked by the dangers and perils of the ‘fast fashion’ industry, and the impact our choices have on the environment and generations after us. The power however remains with the consumer and what we decide to buy, or more impactfully decide not to buy. This rising awareness leads us to a conversation around ‘slow fashion’ which unlike fast fashion, ensures quality manufacturing to lengthen the life of the garment, and encourages us as consumers to develop a more conscious and considered approach to purchasing or rediscovering old garments in our wardrobe.

Re-discovering your own wardrobe can really be the most sustainable and cost-effective way to shop, as we usually already own everything we need. If it all seems too big a task to tackle alone, perhaps a professional personal stylist can help? Someone who will objectively help you along your way.

By understanding your personal body shape, style personality, budget and lifestyle requirements you can begin your style journey and re-build and refresh your current wardrobe.

A stylists works carefully through your wardrobe and encourages lots of ‘try on’s as you go, giving you guidance so you begin to recognise pieces that either work fabulously for you, would perhaps benefit from alteration, simply need archiving or donating to your favourite charity shop. You will be creating looks from items you already have, that you never imagined working together or re-discovering an old blazer for example, that has been lurking at the back of your wardrobe and can be rescued with a few simple tweaks from your local tailor. Any gaps identified in your wardrobe, will be noted and an ‘Essentials Shopping List’ created with recommendations of stores.

The aim is to save you time and money in the future as you begin to recognise items that work for you and that you ‘require’ rather buying haphazardly. It is a highly personal and cathartic exercise as you clear out and re-define your wardrobe space, so it reflects you in your life now. Ultimately you will be on a more conscious ‘slow fashion’ journey to – shop smart, buy less and buy well.

A few sustainable brands that I have used for clients recently:  www.thecottonstory.co.uk – for basic white t-shirts &  www.starseeds.eco  – for active wear.

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